Why Vinho Verde?



If you’re looking to diversify your knowledge as well as your taste buds, then be prepared for this. We’re introducing you to a different kind of wine and exclusively produced in one country – Portugal.

Why Vinho Verde? Vinho Verde is a unique wine

Where nature meets: the influence of the granitic soil it’s surrounded by, the tasteful fruity notes from the orchard nearby and a mild climate provides Vinho Verde as an exclusive wine only produced here, in Portugal, especially in the northwest, in a particularly demarcated region for such.

It has a DOC quality stamp

DOC is a quality stamp used on products to preserve its essence and authenticity, resulting its unique characteristics such as the soils, grapes, production and bottling– it means Controlled Denomination of Origin or Denominação de Origem Controlada.



What does it taste like?

It’s lighter than most, but especially aromatic and with a refreshing feeling. It can be made with a monovariety, but it’s usually from a multiple varieties of grapes to balance its acidity and intensify its flavor – maybe a little lemony, maybe a little fruity (green apples, pears or even berries) or nutty, with a wide range of colors: white wine, from yellowish to greenish tinge, red wine with bolded ruby color and finally pink wine (Rosé as we say) naturally painted with a light salmon pink color.


It’s not too fresh for the winter

It is undeniable Vinho Verde is fresh and light. So yes, it is perfect for the summer days.

But Vinho Verde pairs greatly with lighter foods, too. It goes well with curry. But it does have a special connection with fish dishes.

So you can try to pop a bottle in the coldest days. We know we do. Here in Portugal, especially up to the North, Vinho Verde is on the table, by the cod, when we celebrate Christmas.



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