Best summer sips: Vinho Verde Wine


Destalo Vinho Verde Wine Summer Sips

Where can you find the best summer sips?

We have an idea.


Summer calls. Long summer nights, barbecues with friends and family, perfect time for snacks paired with a glass of Vinho Verde wine – a lighter, refreshing wine that reminds the white and rosé tones of a fizzy or sparkling glass of Vinho Verde, perhaps an even more youngster and themed related version filled with citric and sweeter fruits – sangria.


D'estalo Vinho Verde Summer
Refreshing D’estalo Vinho Verde, perfect for summer.


Why Vinho Verde?

Our suggestion lies on a light bodied but full of character Vinho Verde, a signature name for a very exclusive wine produced in Portugal, specifically in the regions and sub-regions located on the northwest of the country.

It can be characterized by a light, fresh and citric experience with a variety of fragrances (from floral, fruity to even nutty notes) – it rhymes with summer, doesn’t it?

DOC Registered Controlled Designation of Origin

The quality of the wine speaks for itself. It is well known Portuguese Wines excel, but Vinho Verde is legally demarcated with a quality stamp to prove its exuberance.

Our Portuguese vineyards

Vinho Verde is not a green wine, as the translation suggests. Vinho Verde is, on the contrary, a wine that can be white, red or even rosé – but all will be exactly what “verde” suggests: a young wine, best consumed within a year of harvest to comply with their freshness.

Vinho Verde at the table

Do you know what pairs best with Vinho Verde? We do. Take a look at our suggestions and some recipes available here – our Food&Wine Blog.


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